2 December 2009, Wednesday
Importance of this day First Wednesday of the Weeks of Annunciation; Remembrance of Mar Sabor and Mar Proth.
Mar Sabor and Mar Proth, two saintly men who reached Kerala along with a group of Christians in AD 824. They built four Churches in Kerala at Akaparambu, Kollam, Kayamkulam and Udayamperoor. The Akaparambu Church is famous for its murals.
See the video of murals at the Akaparambu Church: http://www.indiavideo.org/kerala/arts/mural-akaparambu-1117.php
Feast(s) celebrated by other denominationsMartha Barbera (Chaldean Catholic Church); Mor Shabor and Mor Aphroth, Akapparambu (Malanakara Syrian Orthodox)
Engarta (Epistle Reading): 1 John 3:1-10
Evangalion (Gospel): John 1:1-8
Prayer of the dayJesus the Supreme Medicine, You marked the beginning of our salvation with signs and wonders. Your mother is praised as ‘Holy’ by the hosts of Seraphim and You blessed abundantly Elizabeth, the elderly daughter of Aaron. Bless us, Your followers with a deep spiritual insight to recognize Your prese-nce in our brothers and sisters as well as in all the events of our daily life.

This prayer was written by Fr. Varghese Pathikulangara, CMI in his book, "A Moment with Jesus" , Denha Services 66, Kottayam 2008, ISBN 978-81-905799-1-9
Weeks of Subara

The above date falls under the weeks of Subara (Annunciation), the first season of the liturgical year. The Syro-Malabar liturgical year begins with the proclamation and celebration of the historical encounter between God and man in the person of Jesus Christ, the human appearance of the Divine Person. The Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Icon of Father's Person and the Splendour of His Glory, One in essence with Him and the Holy Spirit, emptied Himself and took the form of a servant, became a perfect man and was born of Virgin Mary, for us men and for our salvation, taking to Himself all the weaknesses of our humanity except sin. The Syriac word Subara, 'Annunciation', with which the Church qualify the first five or six weeks of her liturgical year is, in fact, an announcement and proclamation with celebration with this supreme glad news of divine condescension to the human frailty in order to raise it up to the divine sublimity. For the whole East Syriac tradition and thus also to the Syro-Malabar Church, the whole period of Annunciation is a big Christmas! December 25th is only the climax of this celebration.

The weeks of Annunciation, especially the first part up to Nativity, is also an occasion to turn deeper to oneself, a real self-examination. How far we could creatively respond to this self-emptying love of God? It is in this context, the Church developed the 25-day fasting, which is also an observance very much in common with our fellowmen in other religions of India in connection with important religious celebrations. We are, in fact, called to purify ourselves from all grossness of our humanity so that we may become capable to rise up to the divinity of God-man Jesus.

This period is also a time to remember and honour the Blessed Virgin Mary in a special way. We know for sure that the divine plan of human salvation is realised only through her fiat, her consent. Thus the early images or icons of Mary are all with child Jesus. The whole importance of Mary, and hence her veneration in the Church, depends on her relation to Jesus, the most special being His mother. The Syro-Malabar tradition, therefore, honours her in very special way during the weeks of Annunciation which celebrates Jesus' Nativity. Her celebration is also underlined with two very solemn festivals of her: Immaculate Conception on December 8th and Congratulation to Mary as Mother of Jesus on the last Friday of this season. The Latin tradition, according to its liturgical style, shows such special respect to Virgin Mary through May and October monthly devotions. Monthly devotion is totally strange to the Syro-Malabar liturgical spirituality.

For Study, Reflection, Meditation, Celebration and Experimental Assimilation

Mystery of Incarnation - in background, Creation: man its centre - life in Paradise - Sin and Fall - thrown out of Paradise - promise of the Saviousr - long OT life of misery and suffering, election and rejection - birth of the Son of God - "Glory to God in the highest" - Amman-hu-El = God with us - beheading of the innocent - presentation of Jesus in the Temple - at twelve Jesus in the Temple amidst the teachers and elders.

Devotion to Mother Mary

Consent of Mary essential - "Hail, full of grace!" - "Be it to me according to your word!" - Son of God became man - human indebtedness to Mary comes from this consent - she is the Mother of Jesus and also ours - Christian believers are not orphans!

source: http://www.pathikulangara.in/Archive.htm

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