Weeks of Mar Moses

This liturgical period is, indeed, a God-given occasion for meditating on the end of time and the last judgement. The believers are called to foresee their real encounter with their Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier, Lord and God, make an examination of their real life here on earth, repent on all the failures, do necessary reparation, turn completely to the Lord and commit themselves unconditionally to Him.  They are definitely prompted to raise themselves fully to the level of the Divine. The liturgical celeb-rations in the Church, especially the Holy Qurbana, are such occasions for giving them the Divine encounter and experience.


This is a liturgical period whose duration is in fact uncertain.  It depends upon the arrangement of the whole liturgical year every time, and thus always open to variation. There may be one or two or three weeks for this period depending on the arrangement of other periods.  Hence, fathers and commentators say that this particular nature is typical of the end of time and last judgement, which are always uncertain.


Credits: Fr. Varghese Pathikulangara, CMI, from the book "A moment with the Jesus"


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