Weeks of Great Resurruction


The Church celebrates the Resurrection of our Lord during these seven weeks: Jesus’ victory over death, sin, suffering and Satan. The empty TOMB, the empty CROSS, the blooming or living or flouris-hing or flowering or fruit bearing TREE, and so on are speaking icons or images in the Church of this unique victory of Jesus. The devotees are incorpo-rated to Jesus’ Risen Body in holy baptism and nourished through the same Body in the life-giving Eucharistic celebration until they grow to the full maturity and inherit the everlasting Kingdom. The most vivid expression and celebration of this reality is the Qurbana, the Eucharistic celebration and it, besides transfiguring the faithful to the Risen body of Jesus, fills them with the effects of Resurrection, namely, the new life, renewal, peace, tranquillity, satisfaction and joy. The Holy Spirit who transformed the material body of our Lord to ‘Spirit-Body’ is also working constantly in every faithful who receives Jesus’ Body in the Holy Eucharist, transforming them also to ‘spirit-body’(Rom 8:11). We pray in our Qurbana celebration: “Let us receive the Holy Qurbana and be sanctified by the Holy Spirit”.  The blooming or flowering or glorious CROSS shines forth in the Church and in the world as the sign of cosmic transfiguration brought about in the Resur-rection of Jesus.


Credits: Fr. Varghese Pathikulangara, CMI, from the book "A moment with the Jesus"


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