Weeks of the Apostles



The descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles marks the beginning of this particular liturgical period. During its seven weeks the Church meditates deeply on the work of the Holy Spirit in humanity, sanctifying, transforming and elevating it to the heights of divinity. The Tree of the Church, the true wine stock, planted and inaugurated on the Pente-costal day, sprouts, sends its roots deep in the soil and spreads its branches far and wide through the authentic witnessing of the Apostles, martyrs and saints. The holy Church is built on the Apostles, our Lord Himself being the Cornerstone. The Church is, in fact, the continuation of our Lord Jesus in the world today and the sign of the heavenly Kingdom.  The work of the Holy Spirit in humans and through them in the whole world, the role of the Apostles in the Church, the actual life of the early Church, her unity, diversity and universality, the missionary call of the members of the Church, their responsibility to bear witness to the personality of Jesus and His salvific action all through their life and the like are the most important realities to be reflected upon and absorbed into our Christian personality during these weeks. Dukrana, the remembrance of the martyrdom of our Father in Faith, Mar Toma Sliha, is most solemnly celebrated on the third of July.


Credits: Fr. Varghese Pathikulangara, CMI, from the book "A moment with the Jesus"


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