Weeks of Annunciation: The Painting


In the Weeks of Annunciation, we celebrate the Mystery of Incarnation. The blue triangle in the centre depicts the work of the Holy Trinity in Incarnation. The hand shown above indicates God the Father who sends the Holy Spirit (Dove) upon the Blessed Virgin Mary so that God the Son may become man. By eating the forbidden fruit the roots of sin covered the world. But Mary, the second Eve, through her FIAT received God the Son in her womb and thus the streams of grace began to flow from heaven to this earth. The opened scroll in the hands of Angel is the Good News to the entire world. The opened hands of Mary indicate her readiness to accept the Will of God. The opened door is the door of heaven. As a token of God’s love towards this world, God the Son became man and was born in a manger (Lk 2:7)