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Weeks of Moses is, indeed, a God-given occasion for meditating on the end of time and the last judgement. This is a liturgical period whose duration is in fact uncertain. It depends upon the arrangement of the whole liturgical year every time, and thus always open to variation. There may be one or two or three weeks for this period depending on the arrangement of other periods. Hence, fathers and commentators say that this particular nature is typical of the end of time and last judgement, which are always uncertain. Continue reading...
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21 October 2018, Second Sunday of Muse
Importance of this day Second Sunday of Muse
Qeryana I (Old Testament Reading I): Deuteronomy 11:13-12:1
Qeryana II (Old Testament Reading II): Isaiah 40:18-41:7
Engarta (Epistle Reading): Galatians 5:1-26
Evangalion (Gospel): Luke 8:41b-56
Prayer of the dayJesus who looks favourably on our offerings, accept our prayers and praises and have mercy on us, as You had mercy on the woman with the haemorrhage, whom You cured, and the daughter of the head of the synagogue whom You raised from the dead. Cure us, O Lord, of our chronic sins and weaknesses. Kill the sources of death within us, that we may live for You alone and praise You.
For Study, Reflection, Meditation, Celebration and Experimental Assimilation

Mystery of Last Judgement - repetition of the personal judgement at the time of death - as we live, so we die and are judged!

Time of Judgement: A special call to self-examination and self-judgement - a believer should daily make a review of his/her life of faith and be renewing it continuously.

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