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During the weeks of Great Fast, the faithful reflect on and meditate over the public life of Jesus and especially on its culmination in his passion, death and burial. It is a God-given time for turning to one's own life more deeply and to become convinced of the abundant blessings of the loving God in the creation, the providential caring, the human fall, the helplessness of man to save himself, the promise of salvation, the redemption through His Son Jesus, the invaluable Gift of the Holy Spirit and the inheritance of the heavenly Kingdom. Continue reading...
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6 March 2020, Second Friday of Sawma Ramba
Importance of this day Second Friday of Sawma Ramba
Qeryana I (Old Testament Reading I): Genesis 5:32-6:22
Qeryana II (Old Testament Reading II): Joshua 5:1-12
Engarta (Epistle Reading): Romans 7:1-13
Evangalion (Gospel): Mark 11:27-12:12
Prayer of the dayJesus whose love reaches to the heavens and faithfulness to the clouds, Noah prepared an ark that would save people from the destructive flood, prefiguring You who prepared Your Church as an ark to save us from the destructive flood of sin. May we all work actively to make Your Churches welcoming centres for all to experience salvation. Teach us Your decrees and make us know Your laws. Give us the strength to observe them in spirit, not just in the letter, and help us to stand always before You, chaste and pure. Then we shall be well armed for this Great Fast and fight the good fight all the days of our lives.
For Study, Reflection, Meditation, Celebration and Experimental Assimilation

Mysteries of Jesus' Life, Passion, Death and Burial - He came to His own - they brought Him to the Cross - thickness and darkness of human sin - "Petratha" means a looking back - a salvific call to reconciliation - repair through prayer, penance and almsgiving.

Remembrance of dear Departed Ones

We enter Great Fast commemorating our Departed ones - let us continue to keep their memory all through this season through special prayer, penance and almsgiving, which are also the best means for our sanctification.

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