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The maturity and fruitfulness of the Church are specially meditated on during the weeks of summer (Qaita). The Syriac word Qaita means "summer". Summer is the time when grains and fruits mature and ripen. Thus it is a time of plentiful harvest for the Church. The fruits of the Church are those of holiness and martyrdom. Continue reading...
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30 August 2019, Fifth Friday of Qaita
Importance of this day Mar Simon Bar Sabbai and Companions
Mar Simon Bar Sabbai was the Patriarch of the Church of the East. Mar Simon took over in a very critical time of Christianity; while the Roman Christians were suffering persecutions, the Persians was flourishing and growing. After 313 everything shifted upon the signing of the Edict of Milan by Emperor Constantine. This document proclaimed religious toleration in the Roman Empire, and people started practicing their faith without any fear and churches were being built. The Persian king (Sapur II 309-379) was watching this and was fearful of how dangerous Christianity could be to his ancestor religious, particularly when he saw how many noble people were joining this new religious, including members of his palace. In order to regress the thriving of the church the king persecuted Christians until 341. Mar Simon together with some of his faithful courted martyrdom on the Passion Friday of 339 A.D.
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Qeryana I (Old Testament Reading I): Daniel 3:25-45
Qeryana II (Old Testament Reading II): Acts 6:8-7:2+7:51-8:2
Engarta (Epistle Reading): Hebrews 11:3-10, 32-12:2
Evangalion (Gospel): Matthew 10:16-33
Prayer of the dayJesus who helps us to sing constantly hymns of praise and thanksgiving to Him, may we praise You today with Your martyrs, Mar Simon Bar Sabbai and his companions, who sacrificed their lives for You on the day on which You sacrificed Yourself for us on Gagulta. They shed their blood beneath the sword in confessing You. May we submit our lives to the two-edged sword of Your Word, that we may bear witness to You each day. At the end of our race, may we enter Your Kingdom, and be worthy to gaze upon You. With Your martyrs and saints, we shall praise You.
For Study, Reflection, Meditation, Celebration and Experimental Assimilation

Mystery of the Church - Church as the continuation of Jesus grows and spreads to all quarters of the world, produces flowers and fruits of martyrdom and holiness-Church shines as the Symbol of the heavenly Kingdom.

Age of Fruitfulness

Church becomes attractive through her holiness and martyrdom - not through this-worldly achievements - "Blessed are the poor in spirit...Blessed are the merciful...Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven" (Mt 5:3-12)

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