January 26: Shlihe Timothy and Titus

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Today we rememebr Saints Timothy and Titus both of whom were desciples of St. Paul and considered as Apostles in the sense that they preached the Gospel and guided Christian communities at the early stage of the Church. Today’s reading from 2 Samuel 22:2-4 which quotes 2 verses from David’s  long thanksgiving song in which he remembers how Yahweh deliverd him from the hands of all his enemies and from the hands of Saul. The leading idea here is “Yahweh is my Redeemer”. The reading from the Book of Wisdom 7:28-8:3 praises the man who lives with wisdom and says that God loves such people. The reasom for this is that Wisdom is an initiate  in the knowledge of God. In the Epistle to Timothy (1 Tim 6:11-16) St. Paul Exhorts to fight for Faith. The Gospel reading, Mt 16:24-27 tells us that the followers of Christ should deny their own selves and follow Jesus bearing their crosses. This is what Timothy and Titus did in their lives and because of that they became perfect followers of Jesus Christ.



Credits: Father Thomas Kalayil, CMI <thomas 'dot' kalayil 'at' cmi 'dot' in>


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