Third Sunday of Eliah-Sliba


Be Patient - God’s Timing is Perfect

Wait patiently for the day when the good and evil will be separated because the ultimate victory will for the good- the message of the day brings eschatological thoughts into our mind.

The Old Testament readings present Yahweh as a God who is faithful and just. According to the book of Deuteronomy, “the Lord will keep His own pledge and show mercy to the people, if they were faithful”. The Lord has showed his faithfulness to Israel through various miraculous signs which he performed to liberate Israel from the enemies. Isaiah prophesies about the King of Justice under whose rule all the nations will experience peace which is the fruit of Justice. Thus a faithful and just god demands the same faithfulness and justice from each and every human being.

St Paul in his letter to the Philippians, shows the way to this faithfulness. For Paul the ultimate goal of life was only one thing- union with Christ and the glorification of Christ. “To me live is to Christ and to die is a gain”. This Christ-centric attitude of Paul is reflected in his words and deeds. According to him, all our deeds, whether it is offering of sacrifices, works of charity or any kind of apostolic work, they should present Jesus Christ and his Gospel to the world. A Christian should be the doer of good who can organize his or her life according to the will of God in all situations.

The Gospel of today reveals the nature of the just and faithful God. Jesus tells the parable of the weed where he refers to a type of darnel. It grows close to the wheat and its roots are closer and stronger. Any attempt to uproot it inevitably uproots the wheat as well. It threatens the possibility of a harvest! So the farmer should wait patiently until the day of harvest.

In our life of faith, we may long for a day when God destroys the powers of evil. In the situations where the goodness is outraged in the flood of evil, injustice and unrighteousness, we may lament over the plight of the good. When we experience the days of suffering mingled with the times of joy, we may ask the same question, Why God permits the evil to prosper? We come across the answer in the Gospel-“be patient, God’s timing is perfect”. Our God is one who finds and waits for the good in everything. It is not a compromise to evil, but the expression of an ardent love for the good.


Credits: Father Benny Nalkara, CMI (email: beeyenkcmi ' at' yahoo 'dot' co 'dot' in)


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