Thursday after the Rogation of Ninivites

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This is the day the Lord has given to celebrate in thanksgiving to Him for all His graces. The first reading for today is Isaiah 65:16-66:2. The prophet is consoling the Israelites in Babylonian exile promising them the blessings of Yahweh in different ways. In short, one can expect the creation of a new heaven and new earth in this perspective. This is tantamount to longevity, possession of dwellings, abundant fruits in agriculture, obedient and blessed children etc. in the homeland to which they will return from exile. Then Yahweh will hearken to their prayers and bring to amity creatures that are enemies by nature, that is, a perfect harmony in creation will be effected. But all should remember that Yahweh considers only a humble person and the one contrite in spirit.


The second reading is from the Book of Jeremiah 17:21-26. Sabbath observance is the main theme here. The words of the prophet manifest that the commandment regarding Sabbath observance was not seriously taken by the people in the past. Endurance of the Davidic dynasty of Jerusalem is promised if the Sabbath observance is made regularly. The Jerusalem Temple will continue to offer sacrifices too as a reward to the obedience of the people.


The third reading is Rom 10:1-13. Here St. Paul expresses the desire for the salvation of the Jews who seek righteousness through Law not realizing that Jesus Christ is the end of the Law. Salvation is not restricted to Jews alone. Anyone who calls upon the Lord will be saved.


The fourth reading is Lk 15:4-32. There are three parables here. The first one is regarding the sheep lost from the herd of one hundred. The shepherd goes in search of the lost one and rejoices when he finds it and brings it back to the herd. The second parable is regarding the lost coin. A woman having ten silver coins loses one of them and to find it she makes a search lighting a lamp and sweeping the house. When she finds it she invites her friends and neighbours to rejoice with her. The third parable is that of the Prodigal son. It should be re-named as the Parable of the Love of a Father, because the love of a father is the prominent theme in this parable. Jesus says that the Joy in these three parables is just a shadow of the joy felt in heaven at the conversion of a sinner.


The observance of Three days’ Fast or Rogation of the Ninivites should conclude with a note of joy of conversion from sinful ways.


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