Membership Types

a) Fellow Members: A person should be 18 years of age or above and should be recommended by at least one member of the Governing Body to be eligible to become a Fellow Member. Annual Membership fee is ₹ 500.

b) Associate Members: A person 18 years of age or above may be accepted as an Associate Member on the recommendation of another Fellow Member or an Associate Member. However the managing committee reserves the right to reject membership for a valid reason. Annual Membership fee at present is ₹ 500. Associate Members will not have right to attend general body meetings and they will have no voting rights. An Associate member will be eligible for other privileges discounts or benefits not excluded to their member category.

c) Student Members: A person enrolled in an educational institution as a full-time student is eligible for this membership. Annual Student Membership fee at present is ₹ 200.

All members are required to submit the prescribed application form duly signed. By signing the application it will be deemed that they have accepted the by-law of the Foundation.

Membership Benefits

1. All types of members are eligible for getting discount for the books, leaflets, CDs, DVDs, mobile apps etc. and a free badge and membership card released by the foundation.

2. All members get free entry to any event organised by the foundation.

3. All members get support by the core committee to accomplish a project that they would like to pursue, provided that it is approved by governing body of the foundation.


To become a member of Nasrani Foundation please contact us using the form below or email to membership 'at'

Alternatively you may download the form here and return it with your signature.

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